Wye Weight ‘Fill’ washing up liquid, 1litre refill


Plenty in stock


Dishwashing liquid, ginger scent, 2-3 teaspoonsfull for a bowl of washing up

Please decant the liquid into your own bottle as soon as you receive it, wash the botttle thoroughly and return to us for reuse.

A new supplier for us, we are buying 20 litre containers from Wye Weight, a refill shop in Monmouth they stock all sorts of eco friendly brands, this one comes from ‘Fill’ who describe it as ecofriendly, simple, responsible, effective, no harsh chemicals, natural scents, PH neutral, dye free, biodegradeable, safe, cruelty free, vegan, made in Northamptonshire.

Contains amongst other ingredients less than 5%; preservatives ( phenoxyethanol), non ionic surfactants, perfumes, amphoteric surfactants, (contains D limonene) Less than 15% anionic surfactants