A key difference between us and the supermarket home-delivery system is that we don’t do home delivery, unless there’s a really good reason why you can’t get to a pickup point. That means that our delivery costs are a lot lower than theirs, and we can run a reasonably predictable delivery round.

We have a network of local people and places that accept our boxes on delivery day, and expect you to come and collect your box when you say you will. You might find that it’s a pub, a library, a shop, a farm, someone’s house or garage – or even a garden shed. You can leave your boxes with them for collection by us, and we need your cold-bags &tc back, please!

We can’t guarantee that your box will be in good condition if you don’t pick up at the specified time, but we do give you contact details for your pick-up point, so if there’s a problem, let them know. Some can be incredibly helpful, and store your stuff overnight, for example, but please understand – they’re doing you a favour, specially if they have to put your food in their fridge.

We also have to put in the usual “health&safety” notice: we’ve done our best to make sure the pick-up point is reasonably safe for you, but you collect at your own risk.