Wholemeal flour on special offer

We did a stocktake last week, and found that we have quite a lot of wholemeal bread flour, organic of course, that will run out of date at the end of November. If you bake bread regularly you can bag yourself a bargain.  And the plain wholemeal flour too. We’ve also got lots of sultanas, … Read More

Christmas/New Year delivery dates

If you have made an order for this week please remember to collect it on Tues 24th. Then we close down until Jan 3rd so please don’t try and put in an order for Jan 1st, even though the system says you can

Our paypal system has a small glitch!

If you have credit with us & then pay by paypal, your order will be placed on hold. We’re not sure what this means but we’ve noticed it a couple of times. We might have to send refunds back to people’s paypal accounts rather than leaving them in FH accounts, but we will explore the … Read More