Sad news from Chase Farm

I’m afraid they will no longer be doing milk wholesale – the costs of production and delivery are simply too high – so it won’t be available from the hub. You might still find their ice cream in local shops if you’re lucky! They will still be selling milk from the farm gate, if you … Read More

Edition 30 of the LAND now in stock

Who Owns Nature? is the title A substantial read. This edition has sections on: Natural Capital – who profits? Food & Farming Noise Access to Land And much more.

Christmas Order form

There are some Christmas specialities where our producers need longer than the usual 3 days between you placing your order and delivery of your box to our pick up points. This is either because they need longer to cook and decorate, or because they need to order in advance from their suppliers, or where we … Read More

Special offers!

We’ve done a stock take and found a few items that are too close to their best before dates for comfort, so if you search for “special offer” you might find something nice. In particular, there is some unsalted butter, some hazelnuts and some ground almonds that are discounted, and both wholemeal & white bread … Read More

An experiment: Donate to support Nepali Smallholders

YOU DONATED A TOTAL OF £214 for this project, so that was really well worth doing. Thank you all very much! We’re raising money for an innovative project run by Practical Action. They are supporting smallholders in Nepal who are really struggling with “climate weirding” – they are experiencing alternating droughts and floods – using … Read More

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Our paypal system has a small glitch!

If you have credit with us & then pay by paypal, your order will be placed on hold. We’re not sure what this means but we’ve noticed it a couple of times. We might have to send refunds back to people’s paypal accounts rather than leaving them in FH accounts, but we will explore the … Read More