Bulk Buy Household Goods

We now have two companies who supply our household products, Forest Hog and Wye Weight. Both suppliers use earth friendly, vegan,  ingredients, which are not tested on animals. We buy most of their products in bulk which we decant into our own bottles made from reused plastic. Please decant the products into your own bottle as soon as you receive it, wash and dry our bottle and return it to us with your box, ready for reuse.

Forest Hog import their products from South Africa, providing employment in a part of the world where work is not always easy to find. Wye Weight is a refill shop in Monmouth, visit them if you are ever in Monmouth, but don’t forget to take some tubs, bottles and bags as you are bound to be tempted, they are about half way between Waitrose and Boots on the main street. The products we buy from them at the moment are from a company called Fill and made in Northampton.