Huntsham Court Farm


Huntsham Farm specialises in producing the finest rare breed meat from pedigree animals – Longhorn beef, Middle White pork and Ryeland lamb – rather than just beef, pork and lamb. These magnificent animals are given individual attention by a small devoted team. They are reared and fattened slowly to produce meat of the highest quality, taste and texture which is hung in the traditional way until it reaches its perfect maturity. It is then cut up in our butchery to meet the requirements of individual customers, many of whom are Michelin star restaurants.Please note the farm has a very strong ethical base. Our Middle White pig herd now comprises about half of the entire UK herd these remarkable and delicious pigs. We rear then in deep straw yards for their maximum comfort. Our Longhorn cattle are grazed when young and then finally finished indoors. Huntsham Farm is situated in the beautiful Wye Valley and is owned and run by Richard Vaughan and his wife, Rosamund: it has been in the Vaughan family for nearly four hundred years.