Nick Saltmarsh, Josiah Meldrum and William Hudson founded Hodmedod in 2012 to supply beans and other products from British farms. They work with British farms to source a range of top quality ingredients and delicious foods. they are particularly interested in searching out less well-known foods, like the fava bean – grown in Britain since … Read More

Chilli Rogues

A short year ago, two men had a dream… to grow Chillis! Kai Williams and Neil Nixon have teamed up to bring rare and mild to super-hot chillis to the world! We have over 40 varieties of chillis just waiting to blow you mind and your tastebuds! #chilliroguesarecomin

Amazing Bees

In the 1980s the Varroa mite was inadvertently introduced to Britain. All bee colonies are affected by this parasite, which kills it’s honeybee hosts leading to the death of the entire colony within 2 years. Most bee keepers respond to this threat by treating the hive with toxic chemical  miticides. Apart from the fact that … Read More

Gloucestershire Charcuterie

An artisanal, small batch charcuterie based in the Forest of Dean. We care about providence, and want our customers to know exactly what goes into their food, so we aim to use the highest quality natural ingredients, natural botanical preservatives and curing agents where possible. All our ingredients are sourced from with 20 miles of … Read More

Oakdean Cottage

We make home baked vegan friendly cakes just outside Blakeney in the Forest of Dean. I have been baking without eggs, dairy, or other animal products for 15 years since becoming aware of my own food intolerances. However, I live in a house of omnivorous cake lovers and we are always in search of delicious … Read More

Forest Hog

Forest Hog is the guardian of our naturally formulated earth friendly, vegan and child friendly cleaning products. Made from the purest ingredients is mother nature’s special gift to you. Our quality products do the job, keep respiratory systems clean and skin healthy, keeping homes free from artificial perfumes and toxic chemicals.