Plump Hill Farm

We are a family run smallholding with animal welfare at the core of what we do; our business was borne from a dream of self-sufficiency and a passion for high welfare; we wanted to know where our food came from and that our meat was not from animals that had been intensively farmed or raised in cramped conditions, but from animals that had lived the good life.We support native and rare breeds in order to help maintain our national heritage. All our livestock are pedigree with proven provenance. We are local and work with local butchers; working with and supporting other local businesses is really important to us! Our pork is Gloucester Old Spot and our lamb is Shropshire, the oldest pedigree breed of sheep in the UK. The resulting produce is succulent, tender and full of flavour – meat like meat used to taste!Please feel free to ask any questions. You can find us on Facebook –