Organic F&V Staples

This is where you’ll find the items from Organic F&V we’ve agreed can be provided at lower cost than usual during the present inflation crisis. They are the same items we have at full price, and we will continue to pay the producer the usual amount, but we are taking a much smaller markup. We can afford to do this for the moment because we built up a reserve during lock-down.

Over the hungry gap, and where we can’t find local produce to buy direct, the Food Hub sources veg from outside the Forest… but from as close as we can get it. We’ve opened the boundaries to organic, wholesale veg from around the UK but giving preference to suppliers from Gloucestershire, Hereford and Worcester. This means that we can still be super competitive on price and provide veg from more locally than you can expect in any supermarket.
We have also chosen to sell some oranges and lemons that are imported from Europe, and occasional luxuries like avocados. However the choices we make are in accordance with the Principles of Food Sovereignty. For instance, the blood oranges are only produced by small producers who are keeping these varieties of oranges in production.