Forest Hog Laundry Cream refill, 500mls, highly concentrated enough for 40 average washes (Copy)


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Organic Status: Chemical-Free
Producer: Bulk Buy Household Goods


Note this product isĀ  very concentated with an average of 40 washes for a 1 l bottle, so whilst it appears expensive the reality is it will only 23p per wash and no need for fabric softener.

The carefully formulated cream is PH balanced for the perfect wash in hot or cold water.

1-2tsps in the drawer or in with the laundry in lightly soiled laundry – No conditioner or softener is required

1 Tblsp in the drawer or in the laundry for soiled laundry

Use Dirt Buster Gel sparingly on stains before washing.

Gentle on all fabrics and delicates

Safe to use for persons with skin allergies

Delicate soft orange blossom natural scent

Please return the bottle to us for reuse, to decant the rather thick liquid transfer to a 1 l bottle and dilute with .5l water using this to rinse out our bottle.