An experiment: Donate to support Nepali Smallholders

YOU DONATED A TOTAL OF £214 for this project, so that was really well worth doing. Thank you all very much!

We’re raising money for an innovative project run by Practical Action. They are supporting smallholders in Nepal who are really struggling with “climate weirding” – they are experiencing alternating droughts and floods – using low-tech common sense innovations. You can see more here:

With renewable energy driving irrigation, good seeds, gravity-driven cable cars and training and support from people who understand the local conditions, Nepali farmers (mostly women) can feed their families and have surplus to sell.

At the moment, the Government is matching all donations for this project, and we decided we could offer a new “donation” product to see if you wanted to support it too. And we’ll use a bit of our lockdown profits to match your donations (up to £100) so if you put in £1, we’ll put in £1 and the government will put in £2.

The deadline for the matched funding is March 9th so we’ll send the money off & take the product off the system then.

This is a bit of an experiment – but if you come across a food-related project that you think we could fund like this, let us know. Or, of course, if you think we should stop messing about & get on with delivering your box, you’re welcome to tell us that, too?

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