Christmas Order form

There are some Christmas specialities where our producers need longer than the usual 3 days between you placing your order and delivery of your box to our pick up points. This is either because they need longer to cook and decorate, or because they need to order in advance from their suppliers, or where we know you want the security of knowing that your order has been made and our producers will be able to deliver. Unfortunately our websites do not allow us to set up a special electronic order page for Christmas so we have had to develop a different system for these orders.
Our producers have come up with a list of things they think you might want to pre order which are listed here where you will also find instructions on how to place your order

2 thoughts on “Christmas Order form

  1. This location is not obvious!

    1. Really sorry that you have had difficulty finding the christamas order list, it seems to have been much more difficult this year than in previous years, particularly on the southern route, but we have also publicised it with a link or instructions on how to access the link on our regular emails, on another special email to regular customers, and with 2 posts on our facebook page. Hopefully most people who want to order have now found the list.

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